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The Night Stalks You The Night Stalks You

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice mix of metal and a hint of post hardcore

It seemed as if it was Raining Blood inspired, by Slayer. I liked it a lot, great job. If you've a myspace, please consider adding my band:

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

It is considered. I do have a myspace, but I am trying like fuck to change it to a band space...I will add you when I get the bugs sorted out. Thanks for the cool review.

That Right One That Right One

Rated 5 / 5 stars

good, but...

it's definetely not PUNK. you guys are pop-punk, so i guess since NG doesn't differentiate those two, you have no other place to put it. But don't get the impression that you guys are punk. I mean, your far from it so... yeah..

Final-Round responds:

Hmmm I'm sorry, but who bestowed upon you the power to classify what is and what isn't? I do appreciate the kind review, don't get me wrong, but you can't judge an entire band by 1 flippin song. I know we aren't "punk', and we're not "pop", and we're not "rock" so what the hell are we then?! Now I understand what the guys from Yeloowcard are talking about. I don't care what anyone considers us, but I'm tired of people removing us from a classifacation based on one song. I guess we are what we are. We have punk influence. We have rock influence, and we have pop influence. As soon as Tom Wade or Lil Jim make a category called pop/rock/punk, I would say we're right where we should be.